About carynblack

Born and raised in New York (Manhasset, Long Island) and now reside in Solebury (Bucks County) PA and Philadelphia. A full time real estate agent licensed in both NJ and PA. With diverse entreprenurial enterprises, I bring a persistent and dedicated attitude to my clients, both Seller and Buyers. I feel, and I quote, "when you expect anything but the best, you very often get it." I have built my reputation as an agent with this mindset and the most rewarding experience is helping clients find their perfect home. Recently, started my own Network Marketing Business as a Consultant with Arbonne International..... the wave of the future, and my passion. My personal web site is You can contact me any time to discuss how you can start your own business and start your road to financial freedom. And, I will train you the entire way. As we like to say, "you are in business by yourself, but NOT by yourself." My web site for real estate is OR You can follow me on twitter: carynmblack or link in with me on linked in Live life to the fullest and remember, you can't change the past, but you can absolutely control your future. "Don't ever let someone else take the pen to the end of your story." Make it a great day!!!!
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